Nigerian forum: Jokes - NAUGHTY ENGINEERS!!
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8 Nov 2015 14:07

Four girls took lift in a car full of Engineers...
Since no place available, they sat on each Boy's lap...
After 5 minutes...
Girl1: Are you an Electronics & Communication Engineer.??
Boy1: How do you know..??
Girl1: Your tower is communicating with my Unreachable Area...
Girl2: Are you an IT Engineer..??
Boy2: How do you know..??
Girl2: Your Pen drive is trying to connect with my USB port...
Girl3: Are you a Mechanical Engineer..???
Boy3: How do you know..??
Girl3: Your Piston is trying to move into my cylinder....
Girl4: Are you a Civil Engineer..??
Boy4: How do you know..???
Girl4: Your dam has broken and flooded my village..

10 Nov 2015 18:16

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11 Nov 2015 20:50

in a naugty languge.

12 Nov 2015 10:59

Hmmmmm,, engineers don suffer

23 Nov 2015 13:59


24 Nov 2015 18:36

Naa waaoooo god go save us oo

13 Apr 2016 13:54

Hmm... d engineers