Nigerian forum: Jokes - ADVICE ME PLEASE
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6 Nov 2015 19:03

I know am not supposed to be disturbing you all at this very moment knowing fully well d situation of things.
Pls, don't think am taking this you for granted or trying
to take undue advantage. I cherish you all more
than u can imagine, it's just dat I don't know who to ask
or where to
turn to at dis very moment.
Sometimes, things become so confusing and extremely difficult
that one is forced to inconvenience people and this team is the only place I know I can run or turn to in a time like dis.
Pls don't be offended and don't take it to heart or feel bad if u
cannot be of help to me, it happens atimes.
Sometimes, you
really want to help, but d situation at hand at dat moment
really makes it impossible to do so. I understand.
But will appreciate if u can help me wit dis.
It is very important you tell me. I really need d answer pls.
............I want to cook Jollof, should I use rice?