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5 Nov 2015 20:58

Everything in life starts and ends with
Imagine trying to build wealth without others.
Imagine trying to be happy without others.
Imagine trying to learn without others.
Our very existence starting from the womb
has relied on our relationships to others.
But there are no rule books for relationship
building. We grow up learning to read and
write hoping our connection skills learned on
the playground are good enough to get by.
If your wealth, education, love, and even
happiness is contingent on others, imagine
what would happen if you upgraded the way
built and engaged your relationships? Your
life would change right in front of your eyes.
I believe there are 7 principles for building
meaningful relationships.
I’ve noticed these principles show up no
matter what. I believe they are universal
rules. They apply no matter what culture
you’re in, where in the world you may be, or
what time in history it is.
They’re fundamental for life, love, and
The principles are:
1. Our external relationships are a reflection of
our internal relationship
2. Focus your mindset on giving unconditionally
3. Serve others how they want to be served
4. A relationship must be give and receive
(sometimes you say no)
5. Get on peoples maps…empathize
6. Always make others feel safe
7. Honor every behavior because it has an
intended positive outcome, no exceptions
#1: Our external relationships are a
reflection of our internal relationship
Our experience of life on the outside is a
reflection of the internal relationship we have
with ourself.
If you operate from scarcity, believe people
are out to screw you, and you’re not worthy
of receiving, how will your relationships look?
But if you’re abundant, believe people want
to help you, and you’re deserving, what will
your relationships look like? Visit for more info

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