Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - what do guys sees in lady that makes her perfect or mrs right
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5 Nov 2015 13:01

There is an adage that says You have to be in the right place to meet the right person. but Most men decide quite early on that they ‘know’ their partner,so How do you tell If You've Met That Mrs right or The One.

5 Nov 2015 15:35

U will know

5 Nov 2015 19:50

Her intelligence

5 Nov 2015 20:56

when d time come u will know.

5 Nov 2015 21:21

U cannot cover light no matter what it will shine out.

5 Nov 2015 21:33

Heart tells more about love,so do nature dos

5 Nov 2015 21:37

Quote by Amicable12
U cannot cover light no matter what it will shine out.

@amicable - I don't get u, who is d light n who is doing d covering.

5 Nov 2015 22:22

Soul longs 4 soul when they get each other they tune together

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5 Nov 2015 23:46

Am new here someone tell me how to run things here.

6 Nov 2015 01:04

To me character & intelligency matter most.

6 Nov 2015 01:12


6 Nov 2015 02:29

Ur behaviour nd attiTude

6 Nov 2015 11:36

Some Says Character N Inteligence,charisma, Endowment, Beauty, Attitude And Majority Says U Will Knw Wen U Come In Contact With Her Which I Partially Accept Bcos Even Thou She Has Those Attribute, I Stil Blieve Dat There Is One Unique Qualities Which Makes Her 2 B D Mrs Right Cos Those One Stated Are General Attributes. Thou Evry1 Has Different View.

6 Nov 2015 11:43

Whenever u have a kind of unexplainable conviction about a particular person, I think u r there!

6 Nov 2015 11:56

There is manything guyz sees in ladies dat make her perfect e.g; sex,romans, friendly with word of advice, joviance n funny, deauty but for me good character is very important..

6 Nov 2015 13:43

@ifemi~ There Is A Popular Saying In Yoruba Which Goes Like Dis "Mo Si Nu Mo Si IKun" (Best Known 2me), If Truelly U Want 2 Knw Dat Unique Signs Dat Makes A Man 2 Knw Her Mrs Right Or Perfect, Inbox Me Privately Thou It Involve Some Process Which Start 4rm Friendship,dating 2 Relationship,,,etc Just Inbox Me.

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6 Nov 2015 13:50


6 Nov 2015 14:14


6 Nov 2015 17:15

Love at the first sight is the language of the weak

8 Nov 2015 04:27

Everybody has is own test