Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Who really makes a better wife, village girls or city girls?
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5 Nov 2015 12:58

What is it about village girls that makes them potential life partners or let me put it in dis way.... Do village girls cook better than city girls? ,Do Village ladies have very homely qualities that make a man happy than the city girl or Perhaps city ladies have careers that make them too busy for their homes, or are village girls more faithful than city girls? my questions is Who really makes a better wife, village girls or city girls?

5 Nov 2015 15:37

Depends on individual

5 Nov 2015 15:40

Interesting, nice posts.... guys make una drop ur view naw... I want 2 read ur commentary.

5 Nov 2015 15:44

Village girl

5 Nov 2015 15:48

From my own side view I think the village girls make a better wife. In terms of everything unlike these so called city ladies.

5 Nov 2015 15:55

Sometime's it's the village girl's that we think lack exposure or don't know much about grooving & partying that are the worst house wive's,to shorten my suggestion it depend's on were a man find's luv cos with luv tolerance will keep everything moving well,butI think the village and town girl's can make a good house wive's it depend on how lucky a man is,but i can't quarantee 100% from the village girl cos some of them are even becoming more exposed to social/rough life than the town girls.

5 Nov 2015 16:05
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5 Nov 2015 16:13

U want to married?

5 Nov 2015 16:14

Village girls

5 Nov 2015 16:15

All er good but city one is more wiss de villagAll er good but city one is more wiss de villager

5 Nov 2015 16:24

lt depends on d individual, that's d woman in question ok. Either from d city or from d village, who ever has and displays d qualities of a good wife takes it all. Thank u.

5 Nov 2015 16:26

Any of the woman dt can provide d 3 “Rs“ will make a good wife..

5 Nov 2015 16:29

It depends on up bringing, some city
Babe ar good While some village girls
Ar witches. What u need as a good wife
Is to have a good heart which is the
Fear of papa God.

5 Nov 2015 16:36

Village girls can b homely and respectful. Village
Wife will giv a man sex even wen d husband is broke but
City wife ar too commercial even as a wife...
no money no good sex for d hubby.

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5 Nov 2015 16:38


5 Nov 2015 16:45

Village girl

5 Nov 2015 16:58

funny question to ask...though being a good wife doesn't mean you've to be from the village or city but its depends on individual and upbringing. I've seen village girls run away from their marriage to other men, after the husband took her to the city. you just need to look well and pray because it takes the grace of God to succeed

5 Nov 2015 17:03

Village gals

5 Nov 2015 17:37

village or city girl bolt of them are better,but who respect more is better

5 Nov 2015 18:54

Both. Depending on d choose of a man