Nigerian forum: Other - broken marriage
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1 Nov 2015 21:17
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2 Nov 2015 18:20

Just keep on praying to God

2 Nov 2015 19:27

With God all things are possible. 1)Keep on pray for her.2)keep on loving her.3)call her and talk to her for the sake of the future.

2 Nov 2015 20:58

Prayer Nd U Ned To Talk To D Person Dat Did Not Allow U To Be Appy

2 Nov 2015 23:44

Pray for her n also try to figure out d cause for d change in her altitude talk to her if it's re solvable then divorce shld neva b on d cards for d children sake

3 Nov 2015 01:28

If U Hav Faith Just Be Praisin God Nd Pray 2 God He Ansa Ur Prayer Bcos D Bible Says; Whatever Anytin Dat U Ask 4rm Me I Wil Do T.

3 Nov 2015 07:37

What ever make u happy in the office should applied to ur home. Talk to ur wife make her understand things and continue to pray to God.

3 Nov 2015 08:50
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3 Nov 2015 16:33

Rebuild ur home, stop having doubts abt her, discuss with n make her ur queen, worship n adore her and u will see how she can turn ur home to haven, be wise

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