Nigerian forum: Jokes - The earless baby
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1 Nov 2015 18:31

Ther was a couple,dat gave birth to a baby,without earz,xo their neighbour,went to c d baby,be4 d went,d fada kaled his son akporz n told him behave himself n nad to say anytin funi abt d baby earz,or else,he wil beat him wen they get bak,akporz said ok,they got d their neigbourz huz,akporz greeted,d moda of d baby n started askin her sum question,wat iz d baby name,she said,prince,akporz said,d baby iz xo handsum,d moda said tank u,akporz wat did d doctor said abt his sight,d moda said dat d doctor said his vision is very gud buh akpors,y do u ask.akpors naw said,its a very gud tin oh,cuz am pretty sure dat he kant wear eye glasses.

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2 Nov 2015 20:27

No be small thing

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2 Nov 2015 23:21

Ealier baby is gud but many pple dont no how follow it up.

3 Nov 2015 16:36


4 Nov 2015 11:39