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1 Nov 2015 18:14

ther was an interview b\w a nigerian and an amerian,xo d interviewer ask a question how do u rite four in d middle of five.d amerian said itz impossible and d nigerian said f(iv)e,iv roman numba for four, in d middle,or FE.and d nigerian won,lata d american nw ask d nigerian,can u swim,d nigerian said no,d american said,a pig is even beta dan u,d nigerian nw asked d american,can u swim,d american said yes,d nigerian naw said.what is d difference blw u and a pig.ABEG WU SHARP PASS

2 Nov 2015 21:03

Niger of cos

2 Nov 2015 23:09

Niger de ultimate

3 Nov 2015 12:31

D Ansa is NiGeRiA not NiGeR....niger is a name 4 anoda country!

3 Nov 2015 16:40