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29 Oct 2015 21:42

what is true love and how can someone identify real love

30 Oct 2015 09:41

True love means caring without hesitation, remember without limitation, forgive without any explanation and love even with little communication. When you saw all this qualities on this definition thats the only way you can identify it, i mean identify true love.

30 Oct 2015 09:46

2tu caring

30 Oct 2015 09:53

true love it as to do wit caring, patient,pain and sorrow buh does dat carried it on top of their head never see d joy of it,patient of it brings joy at end.

30 Oct 2015 10:38

true love is shown by the good times and bad times you share and still be together

30 Oct 2015 11:55

Love is blind, we have different types of love, true love and agape love. The love of God on us is agape love dat can neva fade

30 Oct 2015 12:03
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30 Oct 2015 12:18

That old Husband & wife around u, da u still notice cordial relationship btw them, the journey from there courtship to the old age is called true love, being there 4 eachother.

30 Oct 2015 12:20

True love is unconditional

30 Oct 2015 12:39
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30 Oct 2015 12:40
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30 Oct 2015 12:46

if a mad mad cannot tell you the gravity of his madness so is true love 100%it has no explanation it's unfathomable etc

30 Oct 2015 18:13
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30 Oct 2015 18:17

And is that praticable

30 Oct 2015 18:18

And is dt actually real

30 Oct 2015 18:19

Isnt there such a reference 4 human, y ant

30 Oct 2015 20:29

Wot u wish for urself is wot u wish for others

31 Oct 2015 11:20

Love is just a quote and lyeing is the new truth

31 Oct 2015 11:28
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31 Oct 2015 12:34

True Love is a mutual understanding of d both paties. Also acceptability of constant wrong deed as an in herited trait or as part of him/her.