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29 Oct 2015 19:39

Why is it that poor parents give birth to more children than rich parent. Please any answer.

30 Oct 2015 10:54

Our God is a merciful God,he cant giv a man two tinz @ d same tym,either u tak moni or children

30 Oct 2015 12:21

Na God

30 Oct 2015 12:22


30 Oct 2015 15:39

Children are gift from GOD he don't matters who give birth them.

30 Oct 2015 18:29

Looolz. i cant stop laughing. so is God dt pour children in2 poor family? hell no. it an aftamath of parents decision. rich pple do nt av many kids cos of deir choice. poor pple av many cos of deir choice: lack of informd decision,ignorance and wat av u. God did nt open d pussy 2 plant semen there. they did.and child is d consequence. it a diff tin if d rich as no child at all y d poor do

30 Oct 2015 19:21

Most who gave birht to many children dis days is due to level of illetracy

31 Oct 2015 02:00

Idle mind

31 Oct 2015 12:08

Bcos d poor have nothing 2 do than increase.

31 Oct 2015 12:38

God alone knw what happen dia.

31 Oct 2015 15:44

Cox dey believe dat if dey try to send dem to skul dey wil bcum sm1 in lyf

31 Oct 2015 17:10

It is because most cultures consider children to be a form of wealth. So if they can't make money, then why not do what they can quite easily do- make babies. Another reason could be extra free time and lack of enlightenment about family planning systems.

31 Oct 2015 17:13

it is from God wisdom is either u take chilfren or money,one tin as a time

31 Oct 2015 19:46
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31 Oct 2015 20:41

Hmmm (omo lere aye) but mind u gave birth 2 children u'll b able 2take good care of

31 Oct 2015 21:01

The reason to me is because; poor people because of their situation have more time to make love between themselve (husband and wives) thereby giving room for more children.

31 Oct 2015 21:59
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31 Oct 2015 22:57

My frds,d truth is dat, we cause most of de problem .Because we don't plan for der f

1 Nov 2015 12:37

Na miracal God is gr8

1 Nov 2015 15:01

that's God in his best interest