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28 Oct 2015 23:45

1. Psychology says, the more loving you
are, the more
painful it feels when a person fails to
realize how much you
care for them. 2. Psychology says, being able to
instantly respond with
sarcasm within seconds of a stupid
question is a sign of a healthy brain.
3. Psychology says, people usually leave
because it's easier than working things out. People lie
because sometimes it's
easier than being honest.
4. Psychology says, being angry and
bitter destroys you
mentally, lowers your IQ & can literally shorten your life. 5. Psychology says, the
person on your mind while you're
unable to sleep is usually responsible for
your happiness,
pain or both.
6. Psychology says, kissing causes a chemical reaction in the
brain which lowers a woman's risk of
suffering from
depression. 7. Psychology says, we seem
to ignore the ones who adore
us & pay more attention to those who ignore us.

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31 Oct 2015 17:54

Fact O

1 Nov 2015 12:51

Nice one, i luv nub 3 maturerty depend not to lie n not to say d truth