Nigerian forum: Jokes - Women build your home with wisdom
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27 Oct 2015 23:13

A woman once said, Beauty attracts men but wisdom keeps them. Elegance catches men’s attention but intelligence convinces them. Nagging irritates men but constructive silence weakens them. The ‘boy’ in every man pumps out occasionally, the ability to handle this is a woman’s truest maturity. Men have secret struggles and silent pains, should you ever find them out, you have exhibited the greatest maturity. In the long-run, your ‘words’ matters more to a man than your ‘looks’, so invest the right words. Earn a man’s respect and he will consider you the yard stick for all his action. Learn to mold the moods of your man. Men will naturally give u their futures if they can recall your maturity in yesterday’s issues… Women are everywhere but queens are scarce. Let the queen in you come alive and he will hold you in high esteem. Forward this to any beautiful woman you know. And also to any man who has a beautiful heart & knows a beautiful woman! ...Woman, Build your Home through Wisdom!

28 Oct 2015 12:19

The problem is the Men leave Good women for facial beautiful women,they end up having a bad marriage,beautiful kids without brain
some will get a good wife but will be misbehaving because she wants to keep her home,marriage and family is not a just woman thing.
Wisdom?Even if the woman is wise the whole family won't be,why Solomon's wisdom was recognise was because he is a King,and others re foolish

28 Oct 2015 14:33

it,s abt wisdom

28 Oct 2015 17:05

dat is true

28 Oct 2015 22:56

Good one

29 Oct 2015 05:56

Indeed any woman dat wants happy home av no option dan to be wise and submissive. If a family is good ask d woamn if it is bad ask d woman. good home is nt only mater of prayer or mere heart desire bt u work with wisdom to av it dont ever forget d virtures woman in d book of proverb