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27 Oct 2015 22:42

Good Evening Fam! Today,i talk
about two sets of ladies/gents.
I'm quick to call a guy/lady good or
bad but really, who is a good/bad guy/
Why do ladies always go for you guys, the bad guys leaving me, the good
guy, alone*Tear*
Guys, would you rather be with a good
what would you call a lady that is lazy
but cray in bed? good/bad? What are the qualities of a good/bad #guy/lady? Regards: #ICON

28 Oct 2015 11:51

Haa my i like d one way dey cry o abaa na laugh u want mk she dey laugh?e no go sweet na.GOOD OR BAD(girl or boy)

28 Oct 2015 23:00


28 Oct 2015 23:00


29 Oct 2015 00:46


29 Oct 2015 08:34

Don't let doubt kill your opportunity. Don't let generalisation kill your grace. It won't kill you to check how this is done!! Too much doubt= Large big empty pockets. Click on.

29 Oct 2015 09:10