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26 Oct 2015 19:06

So you have been shifting the goal post?
Postponing the evil day?
Shifting for tomorrow what can be done today?
Yesterday, you said today, and today again, you are saying tomorrow!!!!

That is called #procrastination

Are you guilty?
Yes you are
And how do I know that you are guilty?

Because I was once in that shoe

There was a time, I could not just decide on what I wanted to have done, even though several times I already had it done in my mind; but lifting my physical being to do that thing was an issue.

It must have been for fear of tomorrow or fear of the consequence of the action or fear of one thing or the other; but definitely it was as a result of FEAR.

Then one day, I put on the armour of faith and decided that whatever it would result in, I was going to do that which I had postponed for quite a while.

And kpummmmmm I did it
And what was the result?
The thunder did not strike as I had feared, the heavens did not come down on the earth as I had envisioned, the torrential rain did not result in flood to sweep away my abode as I thought it would, none of the things I feared ever came to be.

I was the fear that I actually feared. I was the one holding myself back, I was my own enemy and yet looking for the enemy outside.

Today, are you afraid of taking that step of faith?
Don't be afraid

Learn from me, the only thing to fear is YOU.

When you conquer you, then you would become the real you that you ought to be.

Try it
Don't forget to give the testimony

Fear lives inside of us; but God also lives inside of us, why don't we allow God to chase out the fear in us??

Waiting to read from you



27 Oct 2015 09:49

You made my day.

27 Oct 2015 14:48


27 Oct 2015 20:50

Thank you for lifting my spirit

27 Oct 2015 23:06

That's it.

27 Oct 2015 23:29

Wonderful message.

27 Oct 2015 23:41

Wow! tnx

28 Oct 2015 10:40

9ice one my fear is my only coreage

30 Oct 2015 20:05

Hummm I Will Fear No More Thanks Alot
Good post