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24 Oct 2015 23:28

Good Woman Aint Easy 2 Find, They Are Spices Of Happiness In Ones Life, As 4 Kenny Wen I Come Accross One On Mobofree, I Will Hold Tight 2her N Neva Let Her Go. What Of U ?

25 Oct 2015 15:55

Really how would u knw u hv meet one

25 Oct 2015 15:59

Hmmnnnn ! Men sha, na good tins they want.

25 Oct 2015 17:51

Bro u can find one 4 real it's not a must for u to find her on mobofree

25 Oct 2015 18:38

exactly my brother.

25 Oct 2015 18:49

some ppl tink wen dey meet a prety lady dey ave met a good woman a good woman is nt by ar looks women ar unpredictable jst pray for a woman dat will lov u no mata wat no b wen money finish lov finish. if ur woman nuh fine learn to appreciate n lov her cus she wil b wit u for eternity for beta for worst.

25 Oct 2015 19:13

there is no gud woman on mobofree. all of dem r fake

25 Oct 2015 19:21


25 Oct 2015 19:55

pls bros, if d 1 u jam is fake is not all of us

25 Oct 2015 19:56

Nowadays, on this earth to see a good woman is not easy because woman loves money more than their life, is from character and attitude u we know a good woman

25 Oct 2015 20:05

a man that is looking for good woman, are u a good man? If yes u re free to look for one but if no just stop cos u will not find one.

25 Oct 2015 20:25

Ehen. So na so women con dey. Hard to find. Na waooo.

25 Oct 2015 20:44

Dey are good once nd dey are bad once so let pray 4 did good one too cum ur way

25 Oct 2015 21:02

I'm sure she is some where and I know I will find her soon, but meeting her on mobofree is wat I'm not sure of

25 Oct 2015 21:19

I prey mak gud women abi na ladies dey of dem na washly.

25 Oct 2015 21:54

you av said well, it aint about pretty, beauty or charisma and endowment, it's all about been virteous.

25 Oct 2015 21:57

How will I no one, let me redirect d question 2u , how do u differentiate good frm bad, I believe b4 u make ur decision there are some procedure involved b4 u conclude same apply 2me.

25 Oct 2015 21:58

that's right but u never can tell.

25 Oct 2015 22:00

Quote by Ifemismiles
Hmmnnnn ! Men sha, na good tins they want.

who does Not want good tin, which one will u prefer between a boxer, a drunkard and a caring man.

25 Oct 2015 22:01

Quote by WILFREDO2
there is no gud woman on mobofree. all of dem r fake

na u talk so