Nigerian forum: Business - How to make cool cash with remenk computers directly in to ur bank account
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24 Oct 2015 03:56

Today I will explain how to make money online from Remenk Computers. I have been researching on how you can make money online here in Nigeria. There are many ways you can make money online. I discovered that people find it difficult to distinguish between scam and real business.
If someone tells you about a business
opportunity, take your time go online and research on the business very well before joining them. The funny part is that you will tell someone about an online business the first thing that comes to his or her mind is "scam" when he or she is yet to do a research to find out more. The truth is that serious Nigerians make serious money online today. I won't be wasting time promoting this investment company if I haven't made money from them.
I found this company REMENK COMPUTERS that pay you for working for them online. I tried it and it is working for me. They pay every Friday of the week once you earn. We call Fridays "Happy Fridays". It is simple to understand. Even a novice can join and start making money. I want to help those who find it difficult making money online. It's one of the simplest businesses online.
All you have to do is to refer 2 people to them and you will continue to earn a N1,000 commission FOR LIFE. Yes you heard me well but let me break it down more so that you will understand more.
This program is quite different from other programs i have earlier joined and everything is computerized. I will tell you how you can make money online working for Remenk Computers.
You don't need any PayPal account or any other online bank account. They pay straight to your Nigerian bank account. (Savings or Current)
First, have you heard of Remenk before? If no, Remenk is a company/organization website, where Nigerians are ripping huge money from, and you can do this job working from your mobile phone, now let me not waste time, let me head to the point.

Before you join I will like you to take your time and go online, use your favourite search engine
and find out more about “Remenk Computers” also known as "wealth power". Find out what other sites are saying about it. Find out for yourself if
it’s real or not. Instead what you will see is people asking you to join them in making money with Remenk.

(1) YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. (Savings Or Current)
(2) TWO THOUSAND NAIRA (to purchase a pin)
I know you are already frowning because of the N2,000 in the requirement. Everybody loves free
things, even me. The money is not payed to me. It's payed to the company. The company's official
site is (the N2,000 registration is even fair enough compared to other netwroking programmes that will tell you to register with N4,000 to N5,500)
Let me tell you the truth. The first time I heard about the program I said to myself how can I pay N2,000, what happens if I don’t make a gain. I didn't join at that first time. I went online to find out more about this company. I found out it was real. As a Businessman, I decided to take a risk to pay the N2,000 and I said to myself even if I don’t make a gain from this company I am sure I will get the N20,000 worth of E-book(on online
business) the company promised if you join. I decide to give it a try. As am talking to you now this has become one of my major sources of passive income. You can even send free SMS and emails to your friends to join with their website. . If your friends really trust you, am telling you the truth you will be a rich man or woman in a week.
To join this business you must have a bank account and two thousand naira, they pay you through your bank account, that’s why only people with
bank account can join.
The two thousand naira you will pay to the company website serves as your registration fee and also to get a pin.

All you have to do is to visit the nearest GTBank or First Bank and pay the sum of N2,000 into any of their bank accounts below.
Their banks are:
A/C NUMBER: 0112827954
A/C NUMBER: 2021623008
To make payment using Internet banking, login to your Internet banking platform and make a transfer of N2,000 to any of Their bank account
as detailed Above.
After payment sms your name , phone and Teller No. Or Transaction Number to 08065193665 (The company's phone number) Next you will receive a registration pin within 24 hours. (I Receieved mine Within 30 Mins of
After that visit On the registration tab you will see 7 boxes: And this is what you will enter
1. Referrer box: wp15002311(use mine because I referred you to the site)
2. Usercode box: Don't touch any code you see here it is going to be your own.
3. Pin Code box: When you receive your registration pin enter it here.
4. Password box: Enter the password you will like to use
5. Retype Password box: Re-enter the password again
6. A Question box: Select a simple question
7. An Answer box: Answer the simple question and "Click Continue". You will be redirected to another page where you will fill in your name, email, your
address, your bank account and so on! Don't make any mistakes in filling your bank account details make sure it is correct. Click continue.
You will then receive your N20,000 naira worth of e-book on your homepage to download for free.
And after that you are now a member, you now have access to their recommendation section where you can send free sms and emails to
friends and you are ready to make money Online.

After Registration, refer minimum of two people.
You earn your first N1,000 from the second person you referred. The first person being your qualifier cannot earn you money. That is to say that the first person you reffered qualifies you to
start earning. But When you refer your second downline, you earn your first N1,000 and when your second downline refers one person, you earn
another N1,000 and the first person referred by this new downline will earn you another N1,000 and the trend continues like that from every first,
first, first person ... invited by your downline you keep making N1,000. Is that not easy? Now guess what, that was only two people. So you can
imagine how much you will make when you refer 10 of your friends? If you have a lot of friends, you will never remain the same again trust me.
The best part is that even if you refer only two people and you don't want to refer again, you keep making your money provided the second
person you invited invites someone (unlike other networking programmes that insists that you earn according to the people u refer directly).
Just like that for every first person invited by your downline N1,000 is yours. Let’s do some maths
Example: Let’s say you invited only 10 persons you make N10,000, if those 10 persons you invited invites 1 person each, you make another N10,000. If these new people invited invites one
person each in a week you keep making your N10,000 every week. Even after inviting 10 people and you decided that “Oh am no more inviting anyone, am satisfied” You will continue to Make your N10,000 weekly provided your downlines invites atleast 1 person
each every week. One interesting thing also is that you can send Free sms to people you may know in their site and with the help of social networks such as,,2go, BBM, Whatsaap and so and so forth, Getting 10 people in a week is a child’s play. Am a living witness. Now I guess this is very easy that even the laziest person in the world can be able to start
making atleast N5,000 weekly into his or her bank account.

They pay every Friday of the week once you earn. We call Fridays "Happy
Fridays". Once you earn, you will login your member panel and click on "withdraw" and your money will be sent straight into your bank account on friday even if it is only N1,000 you
earned within the week, that is how the system works.

You can get a Bank account of your own from any bank for as low as N1,000 and the money will still be yours, just go to any bank nearest to you and do that.

As an under 18 you can use your Trusted Siblings or Parents Bank account till you are of Age.

As soon as you register under me, you will get the following e-books free of charge: I have decided to give to all my active members:
* How To Start Mini-Importation Business In Nigeria With As Low As N20,000 And Build It Up
To N150,000 + Monthly Income (China, USA & UK Portals)
* How To Get N50,000 To N500,000 Loans
Without Collateral In Less Than Two Weeks Right Here In Nigeria (Tested & Trusted)
* 33 Internet Home Based Business
* 3 Instant Ways To Raise Emergency Cash From People Around You When You Need It
* The Quickest Way To Make Money Online.
After reading this and you have fulfilled all the steps therein, kindly send your Name, Usercode
and email address to 08161317227
with “Completed Remenk Computers”. I shall forward all the above e-books to you free of charge.
NOTE: Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly, makes one "P.O.O.R"
If You Have Any Questions Kindly Call Me Or
WhatsApp On
08161317227.2go :canyin96.BBM:55B1F2F
Musa Monsurat O.

25 Oct 2015 16:10

Register me when i earn i pay back if u want 2 convince me

25 Oct 2015 20:13