Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Why do handsome men marry ugly women?
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22 Oct 2015 08:29

Beauty the say is in the eyes of the
beholder! but I’ve noticed that most
good looking guys end up marrying
ladies that are not attractive at all. So
my question is:-
“ Why Do Handsome Men Marry Ugly
Women? ”

22 Oct 2015 08:30

what is your opinion pls

22 Oct 2015 10:00

because they are hansome and rich, u know girls love rich men and that love is mainly for the money not the man, so they chose the ugly lady so that no man will get attracted to her.BUT NOT ALL MEN.

22 Oct 2015 10:31

To me BEAUTY IS MEANINGLESS. I wish to have a virtuos woman whether ugly or beautiful.

22 Oct 2015 10:38

For goodness sake. Mind ur post. Nobody is ugly. Because u are making people to commit sin here. Everything God create is beautiful.

22 Oct 2015 10:53

You see, I have two points here which are from experience from own else brother who is a Medical Dr. Right from When was in Schl he had been a (maradona) cos he was not only handsome but brilliant so he he uses girl any how to the Point that the one that now hooked him was the type that looks opposite his dreamed Woman and to date they the marriage became a must.

22 Oct 2015 10:56

Secondly, Several of them that e think they are not facially beautiful are Beautiful in Character strength and home Maker. Also, may be na dem sabi de thing for bed pass.. Na fine face we wan choop lolzz

22 Oct 2015 10:58

In all some times, it could be by a mistake, sometimes not. My personal opinion.

22 Oct 2015 11:56

because d lady might has a genuine work at hand that the man

22 Oct 2015 12:12

We re all beautifully made in his own image nd likeness(God), so no human is ugly nd it depends on what dat guy sees on her dat made him to marry her, u might see d ugly side in her but d guy dat marries her see different thing

22 Oct 2015 12:47

I don't think any handsome man can marry ugly woman, to u, she's ugly but to him, she is d most beautiful jewel of his life.

22 Oct 2015 14:28

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22 Oct 2015 14:36

Is because love is blind.........

22 Oct 2015 14:36

na beauty u wan chop or na d mindset mata?

22 Oct 2015 15:14

There is an adage that says what goes around comes around, mayb those involved are those indulge in dirty acts doing there days. but if not i believe those who practise that must av there reasons.

22 Oct 2015 15:18

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22 Oct 2015 15:27

I my existences in life I have haven't seen any body that is ugly all I have seen is beautiful people that are made with the image of God ,no body is ugly on earth

22 Oct 2015 15:32

Is love

22 Oct 2015 15:46

May be....they see how beautiful ...inside that girl.....may some guys now didnt look at physical looks but ....they wants how beautiful...heart it has

22 Oct 2015 15:55

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