Nigerian forum: Religion - what to do to be saved
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18 Oct 2015 09:54

What must I do to be Saved? Believe on the Lord
Jesus Christ, you and your family will be saved.
Acts 16:30-31. JESUS is the Only Way to Heaven
for All People, All Nations & All Religion Pls
Repent, These Things Will Take People to Hell
Fire: Alcohol, Smoking, beer, gambling, gossip,
debts. Stolen items or money (please restitute),
lipstick. Those who don’t pay Tithe, Masturbation,
Pornography Earrings, jewels, make-up, All
female trousers. Artificial hair, perming, weavon,
attachment, cortex. Christians who don’t preach
the Gospel, Tattoo, Abortion, homosex, worldly
music/movies (rock, rap, reggae, pop) Divorce,
Anger, Hatred, Secret sins. Lies, theft, lust,
fornication, unforgiveness, All sins. Idol worship:
i.e. people who pray to Mary or use crucifix,
rosary or image of Mary. (08065571300) I saw a
lady accompanied by demons. Just as they were
passing by, she shouted “Jesus! Save me!”
Somehow, by stroke of unmerited favour, he
responded “Stop!” and all the demons stopped
and bowed down to Jesus. He ordered her to
come. When she came, Jesus asked her the
reason why the demons were dragging her to Hell,
and she replied that bcos she was wearing
earrings, trousers, weavon, attachment, perming,
makeup. Then Jesus sent her back to the world to
tell people what she saw and heard. *Prayer: Lord
Jesus, I believe that You are the Son of God. I am
a sinner, please come into my life today. Be my
Lord and Saviour, forgive all my sins and write my
name in the Book of Life. Clothe me with mercy
and grace. Wash all my sins with Your blood.
Amen. Without Holiness, No man will see God!

21 Oct 2015 07:45