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18 Oct 2015 08:37

I woke up this morning and I sat in reflection of the sacrifice that Christ did for me when He went to Golgotha on my behalf.

I got lost in deep thought what the world would have been like if Christ had not died and resurrected.

I wondered and I just wondered and infact I am still wondering.

Christ's crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection certainly scattered the plans of Satan, changed the course of history and eventually changed the world's Calendar to such an extent that the day of worship of the Lord became the day of resurrection which was the first day of the week and which was also the day of Pentecost.

I know lots of Theologians and adherents to the Sabbath would argue against the above remark, but I am not in the mood for argument over things that were handed down to me by faith and which I was not there when they were decided and which I literally can do nothing about no matter how much I foam at the mouth while arguing.

All I know and which I propagate is that of all days, today is Sunday and it is set aside to worship God in Spirit and in Truth because it of such that the Father revelleth in.

God is seeking for men and women who would worship Him unconditionally not because they are benefitting from Him but because they know that give or take, they are nothing in this world while life remaineth without Him.

Are you earnestly seeking to worship God?
Are you being distracted by the cares and pleasures of this world?

Remember, none of these cares and pleasures would last beyond here, but your soul is EVERLASTING.

Today is a day set aside to FREE your SOUL from the bags, baggage and luggage that weigh it down. Free it and allow it to soar above all situational and conditional attributes of living.

Today is Sunday, it's a day for celebrating Christ, go to CHURCH

And the God of Grace shall look upon you with favour and thou shalt verify find favour with Him

Have a pleasant Sunday