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17 Oct 2015 22:14

On a good day, I should not actually be writing on this because I know a lot of persons have said it even from the very foundation of the earth.

However, I need to write on it because it has also come to me directly.

A number of times I have been accosted online by my friends who wonder why I still accept facebook friends or circle other persons on google plus and why I tend to "force" people to go my way instead of flowing with them in "enjoying" the social media sites which are mainly for socialization and catching fun.

And I have always replied even as I am doing now, that I believe the social media sites are there to help us maximize our social reach.

They help us to reach out to persons who in real life we may NEVER have known or met.

They therefore help us to broaden our outlook on life, enlarge our coasts and expand our borders (territorial and continental).

The social media sites help us to garner and build up our social currency and which can then be used in "purchase" of goods and services.

I am definitely not averse to having fun on social media sites, you know, those jokes that make one laugh till tears come out of one's eyes, those cartoons that send one into a frenzy, those hypothetical stories, the Akpos of this world, those make- believe stories that would be believed only by the timid and the unlearned - all that stuff; but it is my considered opinion that social media sites are of greater reach and usage than simply having fun.

In Nigeria, there are no FREE internet services, if you must browse, you must have MEGABYTES in your mobile gadget or modem and one question I keep asking myself is "does anyone ever become rich by spending without earning?" - that question is not original to me though, but I am sure that even an Elementary 1 Pupil would give me a No answer because the way to riches is to spend far less than one is earning.

So does it then make any meaningful sense that someone who is apparently unemployed is able to gather some money to buy megabytes and then spends them all on pinging and frivolous chatting and having fun on social media sites without earning or getting links toward improving his or her lot with them? And then when s/he has burnt that up, s/he begins to look for someone who would help him or her to SUBSCRIBE again - does that make sense?

If you are borrowing money to buy megabytes or depending on others to help you subscribe only to ping them away, you are of all persons most to be pitied. There is no future there.

Is it possible to have fun on social media sites and yet make money? a capital YES is the answer.

You can laugh all you like because of a particular joke or picture or cartoon, you can make all the comments you like on them, you can even take them a notch higher by sharing them, but NONE of the social media sites would EVER PAY YOU a dime or a nickel for doing that.

I don't know if you are aware of this, but FACEBOOK makes about 27 cents per person per day who log into their facebook accounts and carry out any activity at all.

Instagram has just opened her platform to commercial ads, meaning that the owners would also start earning from you whenever you log in and post those hilarious pics and get people to like and comment on them

Twitter of course is also making money off you whenever you log into your twitter account and send out a tweet or retweet another. e.t.c.

All these social media sites TAKE AWAY your megabyte and GIVE YOU NOTHING in return except to say that you have had fun.

Life and living are not all about having fun and of course I am sure you know that there can be no end to having fun neither is having fun ever limited.

So since the social media sites give you nothing tangible in return, you should sensibly find a way to benefit from them while still catching and having your fun.

You should know how to use your social media accounts to make cool bucks for yourself.

And that is where I have my "gun" set on the heads of my friends.

Much as I like catching fun on social media sites through chatting and stuff like that, but I like doing that intelligently.

I don't have that kind of time to engage in fruitless chat that would lead to no where neither do I find it useful to engage in chats that discuss Nigeria's ills when those in Government are not listening and still doing things the old way despite the mantra of change they chanted.

Why be a facebook tiger when you are a paper weight outside of facebook?
I prefer to engage my time in fruitful chats and discussions on the social media sites.

I prefer to discuss personal development strategies, discuss men's health challenges with their dicks and stuff, discuss women's health challenges with their boobs and stuff, discuss how to make money from the internet using facebook, twitter, instagram and all the other social media sites, discuss how to raise children, discuss mental health and occupational health, discuss adolescence crisis and how to overcome them, discuss mid age crisis and how to overcome them, discuss menopausal crisis and how to overcome them, I am sure you are getting my drift?

I like to engage in chats and discussions that would add value to the one I am chatting with while also throwing banters and catching some good fun.

I am here to constructively engage my social media contacts for mutually benefitting programs and projects.

So if you are my friend on facebook or instagram or badoo or whatsapp or 2go or twitter e.t.c. and you wanna chat me up, just bear in mind that I am here to help you GROW; but if you are not like minded, I wish to apologize to you in advance and ask that you can kindly remove me from your list in order for me not to offend you.

And for those willing to make a difference in their lives and that of those around them, I am game, let's go play!!!!

What say you?

Let me know your thoughts on this post, do use the comment box in the blog to drop them and we can engage each other constructively therefrom.

A genuine wish for a happy day to you