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17 Oct 2015 15:41

Why do ladies make themselves so cheap in front of a guy?

Edited by bigfemz / 20 Oct 2015 13:38
20 Oct 2015 13:26

Not all ladies but i tink it's bcos of material things.

20 Oct 2015 13:31

Yea... Material tins n most of our ladies r easily deceived n carried away wt dos tinz.... i dnt av much n if i lyk a lady n approach her n she doin somhw, i wil leave her....

20 Oct 2015 13:47

money cant buy true love you know and ladies do like their the only one with problems or things to do with money

20 Oct 2015 14:05

its ends time,lack of moral,indecency,most ladies dont know dat they are treasures of God to be kept jealously,,

20 Oct 2015 15:01

Money can never buy true love,it can only buy the fake one.

20 Oct 2015 15:57

it will buy LUST and when the money finishes the lady will run

20 Oct 2015 15:59

D truth is dat Money is d root of all evil... So blame d lady a little bit but crucify Money a lot more