Nigerian forum: Sports - The Khardashians In The News Again
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16 Oct 2015 13:32

This time it is the husband of Khloe Khardashian

Pro basketball player Lamar Odom reportedly remains on life support after a series of strokes, as it emerged he spent $75,000 on his four-day visit to a Las Vegas brothel.

Lamar Odom Showing Few Signs Of Improvement

The estranged husband of Khloe Kardashian is in a critical condition after being found unconscious at the Love Ranch on Tuesday.

There has been no official comment on the 35-year-old's health but police have described it as possibly being the result of a drug-related medical episode.

Meanwhile, his wife and the owner of brothel, Dennis Hof, have had heated exchanges over media attention as dozens of reporters stake out the Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center.

Kardashian's representatives have asked Mr Hof not to speak to the press.

But he said he is troubled by the lack of communication from the reality TV star, and dismissed her representative's request that she do interviews instead of him. She has so far issued no public statements.

"I know what happened," Mr Hof said. "I'm the one protecting my business and telling the truth about it."

Kardashian's representative said they politely asked Mr Hof to respect their privacy.

People magazine, citing a source close to the family, said Kardashian was given the task of making medical decisions about Odom's treatment but was "overwhelmed" by the unexpected responsibility.

"She had been thinking of him as an ex, so to find out that, 'No, you have to do this,' well that's really hard for her," the magazine quoted the source as saying.

Kardashian's mother, Kris Jenner, posted a photo of Odom in his Lakers uniform on her Instagram account, asking fans to "please pray for Lamar #ourfighter."

Love Ranch spokesman Richard Hunter said Odom scheduled his brothel visit a week in advance and it was his first ever visit.

He allegedly chose two women to accompany him. Under Nevada law, prostitutes negotiate services and prices privately with customers as independent contractors. Mr Hof gets 50%.

Odom spent about $75,000 for a minimum four-day stay, Mr Hof said.

The site has a five-day maximum policy, but the owner said the sportsman talked about staying the entire week to celebrate Mr Hof's recent birthday.

When he got to the brothel, Odom told at least one of the women he had done a "small amount of cocaine" that day, Mr Hunter said.
He added Odom knew the brothel has a strict anti-drugs policy, and the only drugs anyone there saw him take were herbal sexual performance enhancement capsules.

Mr Hunter couldn't rule out the possibility that Odom used other substances.

"The only way that's possible is if no one knew it and he had it completely to himself," Mr Hunter said.

Currently a free agent, Odom last played for the Los Angeles Clippers during the 2012-2013 season and is no longer attached to any NBA team.

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17 Oct 2015 02:48

They are always in the news, that's why they are called "The Khardashians"

17 Oct 2015 12:44

Hey Son! Change d TV station to Aljazeera News Station,Time 4 Cartoon is Over

17 Oct 2015 14:28
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18 Oct 2015 02:26

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18 Oct 2015 04:21

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