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16 Oct 2015 08:08

why do people mistake 'LIKE for LOVE'?

16 Oct 2015 16:04

Its obvious, like is jut to have intrestin in smone or tins around u or us but d word LOVE is to b wit smone 4ever

16 Oct 2015 19:04

Are they not thesame?

16 Oct 2015 19:44

If u can explain why u love someone,it's called 'LIKE'.if u can't explain,it's simply called 'LOVE'

16 Oct 2015 20:06

wel,4 u 2 mst 1st like bt u can like bt dnt is like a short dstance,while luv cud last lnger.

16 Oct 2015 20:51

I kinda agree with you with you doroyoung

16 Oct 2015 22:41
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17 Oct 2015 00:14

Bcos they r similar

17 Oct 2015 08:43

how can u say D 2 are same,u can say dat becouse some1 u love can't leave u but something u like can leave u and go

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17 Oct 2015 08:53

Wow,very funny sha,but to me.Luv and Like are not thesame one day,why because LIKE is when u have Affection,that is Emotional feeling over something that comes ur way,that is why people do say don't be carried away with what u see,that is LIKE for U my Brethren.Then LUV, it probabily means take responsibility over something u Like or desire in life.anyway there is more to say here but,time is on my side.Thanks to u all,i like this TOPIC.

17 Oct 2015 10:36

You got it.

17 Oct 2015 12:41

hello ppl. please what is going on here? can anybody enlight me.

17 Oct 2015 13:21

Two different word, sometimes you can let go of wat u like but in the case of love u'll want to know what you need to sacrifice so that what you are inlove with remains close to your range" very close" for you not to loose it.

17 Oct 2015 13:24

wrong my guys. Firstly,like cums b4 luv,for u2 luv a guy/gal as ur partner u must lyk dem first. Love is based on feelings and Like is based on character. So dnt mix it up my friends. Gudluck.

17 Oct 2015 19:51

lov and like are nt dsame bcus like happen majorly by emotion(physical) bt lov is beyond d physical whch cn only be done by GOD.

17 Oct 2015 21:12

Yah what a nice Topic. If u loo into the eye of the person u LOVE, u Blush But if u look into the eye of the person u LIKE, u smile

17 Oct 2015 21:46

My gud frnd lets be realistic,likenex does not cum frm d Heart but Love does! U can like sumtin nd let it go easily,but Love is a feelings dat can make u restless.but there is no Love without likenex first.

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17 Oct 2015 21:54

Quote by DoroYoung
If u can explain why u love someone,it's called 'LIKE'.if u can't explain,it's simply called 'LOVE'

17 Oct 2015 22:10

like cum first be4 love

17 Oct 2015 23:30

One cannot just marry a gal he like rather he could only marry a gal he love d oly people dat cn underst dis topic very we'll is those dat hv been inlove b4.