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16 Oct 2015 02:25

we don't pray for this happened ,but what we you do. if your future wife to be had an accident and she broke her legs and hands. And the marriage is just a week to go,
would you still continue With the wedding?

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16 Oct 2015 15:46

Nawa for this kind of grammar and spellings oo. It took me time to understand what u are trying to ask oo. @okevwe

16 Oct 2015 20:10


16 Oct 2015 20:18

They have not entered into marriage at all.There is no sin if the man break the relationship.they are still in courtship,no law binding them together.

16 Oct 2015 22:48

True tulk joor.

17 Oct 2015 00:17

This is pure grammer, did u ever entered English class in ur life? Even when in primary school,

17 Oct 2015 00:25

I no fit do nothing bcos ur grammar don break every rule in English language

17 Oct 2015 00:54
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17 Oct 2015 17:27

Mind wat u say life and death is in d power of d tung

18 Oct 2015 09:28

if there is true love in d relationship d wedding can still be cancel until d lady is fully recovered

18 Oct 2015 10:58

the spelling or the grammatical error should not be the talking point but to understand the message he is passing to you guys. no one is perfect

18 Oct 2015 17:13

Yes I wil continue wit d wedding.

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18 Oct 2015 17:36

Yes Y Nt Am Going To Continue Wit D Wedding Cus We Talking Abt Love Here,nd Once U Love Her Omo Their S Knw Turning Back

18 Oct 2015 17:39

Quote by Lancemike007
This is pure grammer, did u ever entered English class in ur life? Even when in primary school,

18 Oct 2015 17:41

y not?i wil marry her lyk dat oo cos my luv was nt by accident and it wunt end bkos of accident

18 Oct 2015 18:11

I no fe answer dis question,even i no wnt dat hapen to my enemy

18 Oct 2015 18:28

Some p'ple here think & believe they are perfect,which they are not,instead of u 2 correct him,u are abusing him,who z perfect?? foolish

18 Oct 2015 19:55

@walex ur very right. Pple left the question and started talking abt sometime else.
The wedding can prosponed until the lady recovers

18 Oct 2015 20:34

No turning back becaus of love

18 Oct 2015 22:07

I know wot u guys are saying is nt true,u are all a blantant liar if it happened i knw u ll all run away n destroy ur sim so dt she ll nt be able to contact u ever again.