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16 Oct 2015 00:55

I went to a cinema with Akpos, on
getting to the cinema we saw a bald
guy, I showed the guy to Akpos and
said “Look at fresh head, this one
is good to slap, but I’m afraid of
the guy’s face”. Akpos then said to me “Ofego, you
fear a lot, I will slap that head and
nothing will happen”. I dared him to do it and he went to
where the guy was sitting and gave
him a HOT SLAP on his head. the
guy was surprised, and wanted to
react, then Akpos said “Bros Ofego,
so you are here, and we have been looking for you at home!” The guy responded “I’m not Bros
Ofego, maybe we look alike”, Akpos
murmured “maybe.” After some minutes In the cinema,
Akpos called me again and said
“Ofego, I will slap that guy again and
nothing will happen.” I answered
He went to the guy, gave him a hot slap and said “Bros Ofego stop lying,
I say na u be dis…” The guy said to him angrily “I’m not
Bros Ofego,please, let me be”. The
guy then left that seat and went to
the front seat. After some minutes Akpos called me
and said “Ofego, I will slap that guy
again and nothing will happen.” This time i told him that “if anything
happens, I will pretend I don’tknow
him.” He stood up, went to the front seat,
gave the guy a very hot slap and
said”Bros Ofego, so na here you dey,
I come dey slap another person for

16 Oct 2015 14:58


16 Oct 2015 19:13

hahaha dat akpos nor go kill person nah so so akpos nah ona dey use for joke you try my broda

16 Oct 2015 19:14
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16 Oct 2015 23:41

2 much laf

17 Oct 2015 00:12


17 Oct 2015 00:22

Good one

17 Oct 2015 01:58


17 Oct 2015 16:44

Dis 2 much o... i cnt stop laughing

17 Oct 2015 22:14


17 Oct 2015 22:58


18 Oct 2015 00:35

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18 Oct 2015 02:36

infact u 2much

18 Oct 2015 04:16

18 Oct 2015 11:39


18 Oct 2015 14:02

Maybe na familiar spirit dey wori am...... I go slap am back nah..... Which kind ofego be that...... Hahahaha

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19 Oct 2015 15:22

hahahahaaaaha i no fit laf

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19 Oct 2015 19:03

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19 Oct 2015 19:24