Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - Can you marry someone you dnt love? because he/she has money
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14 Oct 2015 14:43

Can you as a guy/lady marry someone you dnt love,because he/she has money?

14 Oct 2015 14:44

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14 Oct 2015 18:26

No i cann,t because is the money that am marrying to bt his love and attention

14 Oct 2015 19:04
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14 Oct 2015 22:20

guy in ds house life of nw is all about money ooo

14 Oct 2015 23:27

money den luv bro dia aint no love wit out money involve

14 Oct 2015 23:57


15 Oct 2015 00:03

no! Exept i luv her,bt if i dnt luv her,id rada remain poor and hav my dignity so 2hell wit any rich girl and her moni,cos moni cn neva buy my luv. Moreso,moni cnt buy happiness,its sad dat gals/guys of nw r easily bot wit moni,and d rich oppress d poor,well in my own world,no woman cn use moni 2get me and i wil neva marry a woman 4her riches! It has 2b love and nt moni.

15 Oct 2015 00:05


15 Oct 2015 00:27

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15 Oct 2015 00:28


15 Oct 2015 00:40

No i cant even try it

15 Oct 2015 09:02

For me NO cus if i dont love you i can not take some thing from you,dat is me

15 Oct 2015 09:31

Hw would i Mary someone i don't love?, is inpossible. To hell with her money.

15 Oct 2015 09:39

interested topic, to me nope i cant, cus if i do, it will turn out bad, she will hav control over u, she will b d man of the house, den u will b d woman in d house, doing all d environmental cleaning nd all, u will even b d boy boy in d house, money is not everytin

15 Oct 2015 09:49


15 Oct 2015 11:28


15 Oct 2015 12:55

no I can't coz luv is nt all about money plz my brother/sister don't luv man/woman coz of money

15 Oct 2015 14:31

i can't get married to someone i don't love simply because she's rich

15 Oct 2015 15:39