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14 Oct 2015 08:20

Many people in the name of not wanting to ruffle the feathers literally live their lives in quiet desperation.

They prefer to hang out with those of the same stock with them or even those they are better off than.

They refuse to rise above their circumstances and environmental surroundings.

They are contented (but not necessarily happy) being low lives or at best mediocre when they can, if they just decide, fly.

They are not comfortable in the midst of achievers and would do all in their powers not to be so exposed.

They look for excuses and alibi not to go beyond where they have placed themselves and they cling to every strand of reason to be where they are - their comfort zone, the shell they run into when the weather turns grey from green.

They forget that there are so many shades of grey.

That was the same condition that the paralyzed man by the Pool of Bethsaida was in before he encountered Christ.

For 38 solid years, he had lain by the side of the pool waiting for a favourable weather to be healed, for 38 years he had the same reason "no one to help him get in as soon as the waters were stirred by the Spirit, so that he could get cleansed and receive his healing," for 38 years he clung to that strand of excuse, making no efforts to free himself (since he already knew the remedy to his situation).

And when Christ came his way, He asked him "Do you WANT to get well?"

You can see from that question that it is our mindset that keeps us down, ordinarily we should be able to get whatever we want, if we are but willing to ACT on it.

If the paralyzed man by the Pool WANTED to get well, he would not have spent 38 years stranded by the Pool's side.

And even when Christ put the question to him, what was his answer? instead of being emphatic on what he wanted, he started giving a reason "I have no one . . . . . . . . ."

It was obvious that he was "enjoying" his state of paralysis (lazy mind indeed)

But when the grace of God came upon him, he became healed and picked up his mat and was on his way back to where he came from and at the same time broadcasting to any person with ears who was willing to listen that it was Jesus Christ that made him whole again.

In like manner, I want you to look into your life today and see those areas in which you are not shinning, today I want you to examine yourself completely from head to toe, today I want you to do an introspective analysis of yourself, what is your verdict? what do you see?

Do you want to get better?

It's your day to arise and shine because the glory of the Lord has come upon you.

The grace of God takes a man from where he ought not to be to where he ought to be, draw on that grace today and allow it to work in and for you.

Have a wonderful Wednesday

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP
Medical Consultant/Life Coach/Author/Publisher/Mentor/Motivational Speaker/Plan B Income Promoter/Entrepreneur/Health and Wellness Consultant/Blogger

14 Oct 2015 09:47

More grace to excel n shine in every areas of my life

14 Oct 2015 10:56

evry day of my life is 2 excel

14 Oct 2015 10:58

praise d lord

14 Oct 2015 12:24

Arise and Shine for the Light as CoMe.. Praise the Ye the LORD

14 Oct 2015 13:43

I want 2 excel in every area of my life, God u are my helper

14 Oct 2015 14:09


14 Oct 2015 14:59

Certainly, Christ in us the Hope of Glory

14 Oct 2015 15:00

that which we desire is sure to come our way if we work at it diligently and dutifully

14 Oct 2015 18:33

Thanks be to God

15 Oct 2015 01:11

glory b to ur name, i lov u lord i lov lord i lov u lord