Nigerian forum: Health - Solution to Obesity and Pot belly. Weight and Fat Loss
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12 Oct 2015 14:24

At times I wonder the way some people feel or are O.k with been Obese. And not finding a solution to it
So many embarrassment attached especially the physically fat ones.
Imagine a fat person who wants to board a bike, then d bike man races off or snubs the person not to get his tyre punctured all because of the big size of him/her. Such people are no friends with seat belts or one hand cross bags(Even people with Pot belly or big tummy)
That alone is unpleasant, not to now even talk about the health side effects of such lifestyle.
Despite this known to some of them, if you see the way some of them feed on (eating voraciously, and not watching what they consume) increasing more calories intake than the expend in their metabolic activities, you'll take to your heels wondering in amazement how they consume such large quantities of food.
If you interested in saying bye bye to such lifestyle,
You can Inbox me lets talk about a way out or reach me on whatsapp on 07036396757 Help some one today
I bet you would buy me a crate of malt later to thank me

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13 Oct 2015 08:52

Good, but how may crates of malt can u finish?

13 Oct 2015 12:26

Lol. I can as well give som out