Nigerian forum: Jokes - SEE ME,SEE TROUBLE. LAUGH IT OFF.
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11 Oct 2015 00:02

There was a criminal called DANGEROUS.His lover's name was BULLET. Now BULLET was a very beautiful lady.One day, DANGEROUS went away for an operation for a month and BULLET began to befriend a policeman. When DANGEROUS returned home one day,he was told that his lover had gone to meet the policeman at the station.He went to the station angrily and the followig dialogue ensued between him and the policeman on duty. POLICEMAN:'yes Mr man,how may l help you?'DANGEROUS: 'I am not here for plenty talk.All l need is BULLET'.POLICEMAN:'Are you a criminal?' DANGEROUS:'Yes,l am a criminal'.POLICEMAN: 'Don't you know that you are dangerous?' 'DANGEROUS:'Exactly sir,l am DANGEROUS'.'POLICEMAN:'I think,you really need bullet'.

12 Oct 2015 22:24

U see

14 Oct 2015 10:49

How do U see it?