Nigerian forum: Other - Hey, It's Da Weekend!!! Voila!!!!
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10 Oct 2015 08:35

WoW!!!! and another weekend is here

Oh how I love weekends!!!!

So so much

Not only does the weekend give me the opportunity to circle in, it actually provides me with the open space to operate with.

A long early morning walk, a big breakfast, a morning sleep through, a declutter, inches higher, fortified runs, an open sesame and you won't believe this one - a raised inquisitional level.

You may not flow with my words above, but it all surmises to say that a weekend is the best thing God made to happen to mankind, otherwise we would have auto-crashed in the pursuit of happiness.

So today ain't no different, I'm gonna have some real good fun

How about you?

Do have a wonderful Saturday

Welcome to the weekend


A hiccup, a hanker, a honker and a hander!!!!