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8 Oct 2015 16:49

Does True Love Exist?Pls Comment

8 Oct 2015 17:23

YES... But Nowadays U May travel as far as a thousand mile to see that

8 Oct 2015 17:34

It til dey o but hard 2 find

8 Oct 2015 17:56

yea bt i ve seen

8 Oct 2015 18:02

I really need someone to love....i broke up with my girlfriend...she is out for the state so we broke up...she wont be coming back after four years of relationship...the girl made me i cant even toast a babe again funny but not funny to me....i need someone to call my own..08184767109

8 Oct 2015 18:38

U know

8 Oct 2015 19:44

I don't knw why d question of existing of love is commonly ask on dating sites,we "Youth" of today knew the truth that there's no LOVE like Mother's love ur G/friend or ur Boifriend can't love u the way ur mother does.Back to love on ur relationship, ur relationship wit her or hers wit u can't be 100% perfect u can't be satisfied wit everything in ur relationship so,nobody can love u to make life comfortable,enjoyable wit a full satisfaction than ur CREATOR.

8 Oct 2015 20:44

na lie'true love no dey again men,dnt deceived urself ok yea..

8 Oct 2015 21:11

yes true love exist, for instance de love btw angel(angelonguide) and pedro(pecho32) is natural n true love," Pedro l love u so very very much"

8 Oct 2015 22:34

I was never believe it does until I found a lady here name (Angelonguide) shes so lovin caring n adoring, despite d fact dt we came fm diff tribe we found true luv in eachoda n mostly care for eachoda. Her hapiness joy n smile is all I want for her. So in my own opinion I wil say der is definitely a "TRUE LUV" bcos we both luv eachoda so dearly.. "Angelonguide I luv u so very much more"

8 Oct 2015 22:48

Angelonguide is jux d only lady I found out to b trustworthy here n am luvin her so very much bcos she does truly luvin me too... she called me her KING while I called her my QUEEN... we both truly luv eachoda so much dt we hv bcos siblings lik. Angelonguide am so so proud u anywhere in dis world am good to go wit u honey... Wit her I believed TRUE LOVE dos exist. sign Pacheco32.

9 Oct 2015 10:20

Listen to urself man?

9 Oct 2015 10:29

i know that U love me

9 Oct 2015 10:32

Am happy for Angel and peacho32 but u guys should make it real ok let it not be entizing words to have advantage of each other. Because I frank met my queen in 2011 on 2go when both of us were still in the university Now we are planning our way straight to the altar despite distance bbetween us then cuz I was schooling @ Awka and she was @ NSUKKA. We served in different state. Working in different state but we luv each other so much. that I can brag. Of Her faithfulness and commitment. And she too does that. To cut it short true luv exist

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9 Oct 2015 12:21

Tanx so much @Frankchucky#$ we keepin it real I can brag on dt my man. Tanx really appreciate ur comment. May God blessed d union of both u n woman ijn.

9 Oct 2015 12:40

Amen and tanks @ Peacho32

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9 Oct 2015 13:47

True love does exist but rare.

9 Oct 2015 13:55

I need a girl

9 Oct 2015 15:17

Hello dearie....

9 Oct 2015 15:48

To me anybody I found asking such questions is Childish...I said so cos as a grown up person, u don't have to stereotype! U should know what I mean!