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8 Oct 2015 12:26

why do gals reject guys wen d guy tells d truth abt hmslf?y do gals prefer lies n fake guys?

8 Oct 2015 17:34

Cos U Guys Ar Not Up To Dat Task

8 Oct 2015 17:40

Bcos bad guyz plenty dan gud guyz

8 Oct 2015 21:31

Good question, one thing we should know about lies is this, liars listen to lies, that is one, then two many guys like to tell the truth, but 80% of ladies love to hear lies than the truth, if you check their profile they always says they want God fearing, truthful man bla bla bla and so on, in the garden of Eden if you read Genesis chapter 3 vs 1 to 6, it was the woman who listen to the serpent not the man, she is the one who put us in this bullshit we are now, they are looking for mr perfect. Who have cars, house, money, working class, and on an on, you see the reason why guys tell them lies, hmmm.... May God have mercy on our soul.

8 Oct 2015 21:38

nyc post charles. Dats y dey end up in broken marriages used n dumped. D fact dey dnt knw is dat no rich guy can hav one babe! Wen hes tired he switches 2d oda. Only lazy gals luk 4men wit moni n cars,dats y dey r easily decieved! A real woman goes after a mans heart while hungry aimless ones lyk we hav here go 4a mans pocket. U see dem put dia stupid profile says: lukn 4relatnshp,true love den u msg dem dey neva reply! Dey wil kuku remain single nau

9 Oct 2015 19:14

U dnt have to say dat .

11 Oct 2015 12:11

abegi na dem sabi, guys if u dnt knw hw 2 lie u better learn

11 Oct 2015 18:23


11 Oct 2015 18:25

Wot is d solution to d mata?

11 Oct 2015 18:41

a gal dat cn luv me witout riches is wat i want. Dats d woman dat is a wife. A gal dat neva askd 4anytn deserves everytn.

12 Oct 2015 03:31

guys dat tell lie to gal ar just decievein their self