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7 Oct 2015 06:50

Andriod: It suppose to be smart Right. But sometimes it do control you.

Okay. Any Problem? Comment and i may be of help to you.

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7 Oct 2015 09:30

9Apps has stoped, please! what can I do?

7 Oct 2015 09:31

my andriod phone is chuping 2much megabit, pls wat can i do

8 Oct 2015 00:55

Quote by sunday5859
my andriod phone is chuping 2much megabit, pls wat can i do

before i start, is your android rooted?

8 Oct 2015 00:57

What is the particular error you got on the app?

8 Oct 2015 01:54

How To Minimize Data Usage On Android Phones And Iphone Tablets

How To Reduce (Minimize) Data Usage Android, Iphone, Galaxy S5, Iphone 5 Verizon, Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy s3, Iphone 5c, Galaxy s4
How To Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage On Android Devices
The demand for android smartphones has doubled in recent years as more people continue to patronize cheap android phonesthat are usually made affordable for even the low-income user. A popular question bugging the mind of every new user of android device is “ How ToMinimize Data Usage On Android phones“. There are many reasons why your android smartphone consumes a lot of megabytes during browsing the internet, downloading files and updating phone operating system software and mobile applications. Even so of the apps that you download free run internal ads that serves as source of revenue to the developers.
At this juncture, I will stop expatiating on why Android devices consume more data and explain to you step by step on how to reduce mobile internetdata usage on android devices.

After making my findings, I have come up with some basic ways on how to reduce data consumption on your android device. This post is a tutorial post containing tips on how to maximize your data bundleand minimize the high usage of your data on every android smartphone.
1. Restrict background data for your applications. To do this, from the settings menu >data usage> scroll down to select the app>click on it and mark restrict background data> press ok to
confirm your selection..
2. Set automatic updates for applications to NO. You can disable this in Play settings From the playstore> tap the menu button> click on settings> unchecked auto-update apps>
3. Restrict the number of processes running at the background. Navigate to settings to Developer options >scroll down under apps tab, then click on background process limit>then select your desired process limit.
4. Ensure your data is turned off when not in use. Don't allow unnecessary updates to finish your megabytes before you know it.
5. Use a data saving mobile browser like Operamini. You can also turn of images or set images to lower resolution in the browser settings.
How To Reduce Data Usage On Android Phone Using DroidWall
If you are looking for an application that restricts some apps' access to the internet while sparing others to make use of your data subscription, you should try out DroidWall. This application will white-list apps that you want to be connected to the internet and blocking others just by ticking check-boxes representing such an app. After launching DroidWall, tick the checkbox that corresponds to an app you want white-listed. After selecting apps that you want to block, click on the app options and save Rule, then enable the Firewall.
This FireWall application is very easy to use and will help a lot in managing the rate of data consumption on any android smartphone. Your android device must have been rooted as this app will not work on an unrooted device. You can see that minimizing your data usage on your android phones, devices and tablets is very easy.
Do you have other ways of reducing the high rate of data consumption on android phones?
Drop it in the comment box bellow...

6 Nov 2015 03:28

Pls 4get de code dat i use to lock my andrio M3,,,,sinc 2week i can nt use my phone, pls ix dere any cold i cn use to open it

11 Oct 2017 17:23