Nigerian forum: Other - Are You Still Living In The "Wish Land"?
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7 Oct 2015 06:01

Sometime ago in a distant past, I was a child.

As a child, I played games with other children. We built houses with mud, we formed tricycles with coke clovers, we formed aeroplane with sheets of paper and did all those things that children do because they hoped that one day, they would actually own such devices or equipment.

As a child, I did not like to see people suffer, I wished I was the President of the Country so that I can end all that suffering. I did not like to see people get hurt or sick, infact I used to imagine myself as a Medical Doctor attending to the needs of the sick and hurt. I also did not like to see people suffering humiliation and being helpless, I wished to be a kind of spokesperson for such individuals, a kind of voice for the voiceless.

Growing up was fun really because I wished I was many things, I wished I owned the biggest car in town, I wished I owned my own aeroplane, I wished I travelled to the Moon, I wished I had many things and that I affected people's lives positively.

Childhood is the period to live in the "wish land". It's a dream land where all things are possible.

However, as I got older and reality dawned on me to the effect that while it is possible to achieve all that one dreamed of as a Child living in the "wish land", the practicality of existence tend to limit us to those things that we actually give utmost attention to since it is practically impossible for one to be EVERTYHING in one life time.

So in the course of my years, I have had opportunities to see some of my childhood wishes come true. I have worked hard to see them through and God has been there with me all the way and I am still working on some of them to see them through too with time.

I am writing this so that you, my friend would also take a look into the past and see if the dreams you had as a child have come to pass or if they are still hovering above you.

And if they have not come to pass, are you really working hard to see them through or are you allowing them to keep hovering above and over you hoping that one day, they shall come to pass?

It is good to have a wish, but it is better to have that wish come true and it is only by acting on that wish that would make it come through.

Today, do an introspective analysis of yourself and let me know, if you are on the road to achieving your wishes or if you are still stuck in the "wish land" and together we shall work on that.

I am expecting to read your comments here and while doing that, I pray that Providence would smile on you today and lead you to that which you have always wished for but which has seemed like a mirage.

Dr. Jerry - the First Oguzie: JP
Medical Consultant/Life Coach/Author/Mentor/Publisher/Plan B Income Promoter/Entrepreneur/Motivational Speaker/Health and Wellness Consultant/Blogger

7 Oct 2015 14:27

Good one

7 Oct 2015 19:44

God will help us 2 fullfil all our wishes.

8 Oct 2015 00:05

nice one

8 Oct 2015 01:13

Is only by His grace...

12 Oct 2015 07:48

God's grace is very abundant for us
however we need to draw upon it

30 Oct 2015 20:30

Good Post
I have a Wish and am working to make it come to reality