Nigerian forum: Computers - How to Recover Hidden Files From Infected Flash Drives & SD Card in Minutes
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5 Oct 2015 05:02

Don't give up on your flash drives despite the fact that it seems corrupted, Just follow the guide below and resurrect it back to life.

How Can I Recover My Files From Infected Memory Card or Flash Drive?

==> Plug your USB Flash drive or Memory Card or whichever USB storage that is affected, and then go to my computer page to note the drive letter. In my case, my Flash drive letter is E

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==> Use WIN+R key on your computer keyboard to launch run command box, or alternatively go to Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>Click Command Prompt.

Alternatively in recent version of windows you can click on Start and in the search box type "cmd" then press enter.
==>Click Start>>Computer/My Computer

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==>Type E: (note your own drive letter… its very important)
then enter. You will notice that the blinking line will go down and display E:\>
Now type in attrib -s -h -r /s /d then enter, the blinking line will go down again.

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==>Go to your drive, and see if you can now see all of the hidden files now.

After you "unhide" your files, remember to scan your computer/Laptop for viruses if you don't know how these files were hidden in the first place.

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You can download this software here
open the tool, select the infected drive, and then click recover.

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