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4 Oct 2015 12:32

when you found out that a married man or woman truely love you what you gonna do....

5 Oct 2015 09:41

dat confusing

5 Oct 2015 10:07

wel,dis act under any law,i.e customs&cultural valves,black&white law&d above of al is divine law...wch on those laws/valves sees d act as immoral/bad..automatically it wrong...

5 Oct 2015 15:08

There's only one thing to do in such issues-YOU SIMPLY FLEE/RUN FROM HIM/HER because you know very well that the person in question is already married so there's no point beating around the bush. Anything other than this is simply inviting God's wrath upon one's self.

7 Oct 2015 01:19

sure run and never look back