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30 Sep 2015 11:07

Today, I am worried about our
sons, today’s young
men. I am truly worried and every
mother should pause,
take a closer look at her sons and
daughters and
answer this question: are you
empowering your son for
the journey ahead of him? Answer
truthfully, after all
you are alone and you don’t have to
let anybody hear
I think Nigerian mothers have not
done well raising
future husbands and fathers. Let’s
admit it, we have
not scored above average that is if
we achieved
average at all.
Take a closer look at your beautiful
daughter and your
handsome six-footer son. Who is
better prepared for
the task ahead? I know some of us
had realised this
and have done better than others
but most Nigerian
mothers need to buckle up. Our
sons are not what they
should be and we cannot have the
society, the country
we desire when we put unprepared
men and overgrown
boys in positions of authority. I’ll
explain myself.
In too many homes, the wives are
the bread winners.
Too many women are paying the
rent and picking bills
that make a man the man. We do
not need figures
from the Office of Statistics because
I know every
woman in this country knows at
least one family where
the man is not truly the head.
He is just a figure head. And every
man who is a figure
head is a sad commentary on his
mother. Every young
husband who waits for his wife to
draw her monthly
check before the monthly shopping
can be done is a
figure head, a proceed of a failed
mother. That is
harsh, right? Yeah, I know there is a
place for God in
what man becomes in life. It is from
Him all blessings
flow and only He gives power to
make wealth. But did
you, madam, even teach your son
that simple fact or
are you too busy preparing your
daughter for marriage
in addition to her getting the added
advantage of
attending the same Ivy League
schools like his
A son attends Babcock University in
Nigeria or Imperial
College in United Kingdom with a
daughter but the
daughter is trained to cook, pamper
a man, be nice to
in-laws and bring up children, all
while she’s getting a
degree. The son learns how to play
basket ball and
wash a car. The daughter learns
how to bake and how
to make hair and do make-up. Girls
with Masters
degrees see nothing wrong in going
to learn dress
making . Boys dust their CVs and
write glowing stuff
about themselves and send out
thousands of job
After two or three years of fruitless
search for non-
existent jobs, don’t our boys start
‘processing visas’ to
travel to even the most ridiculous
places, countries
with no pastures, least of all green
ones? Meanwhile,
the girls set up make-up studios,
start ‘mixing cream’
making hats and dresses and
everything that makes
The boys wait for the big time to
arrive in one day. It
doesn’t, rarely does. So the girls
begin to grow in age
and in bank balance. Ripe for
marriage but no man is
plucking because they are still
waiting. See why girls
are marrying late? They acquire
degrees and cars,
some even properties while waiting
for Mr Right to
come along. By the time he
eventually comes along,
the girl is already doing well in
entrepreneurial skills honed.
For a while, love covers the gap but
men are not wired
to be anything but the head. That is
why most men
quote how Sarah calls Abraham
‘Lord’ in the Bible. But
Abraham was stupendously rich by
Bible accounts. He
also spoilt Mama Sarah silly. In
other words, every
Sarah needs an Abraham.
Inadequate, angry and frustrated, a
man whose wife
picks the bill soon finds avenues to
vent his ire.
Violence is one of those avenues.
philandering to belittle his ‘richer’
wife is another, like
impregnating the maid or a
restaurant assistant. Are
you linking the rate of failed
marriages to what
mothers have failed to do? There is
a limit to a
woman’s endurance and our
millennium daughters have
no threshold for suffering. In any
case, a woman who
bought herself a car is not the one
her husband can
threaten with ‘if you touch any of
my cars…

30 Sep 2015 11:13

sorry if u find errors just trying my skills of writing.

30 Sep 2015 11:54

am just a beginner

30 Sep 2015 16:23

good job, keep it up

30 Sep 2015 17:35

Poor English and lack of grammatic expression

30 Sep 2015 20:37

Can u write wat he wrote?

30 Sep 2015 21:41

What a wonderful msg to learn from. most mother are guilty of this crime bcos most of them don't pay attention to their wards when growing up. but we guys and ladies can still do something about it. its not too late for correction. God will help us all. Thanks guy for your observations keep it up. more of this.

30 Sep 2015 22:30


30 Sep 2015 22:55

Some of them does not have a good charracter

1 Oct 2015 00:33

Mr Sunday d white man u can help him

1 Oct 2015 01:42

Dat was a good write up, keep the light burning

1 Oct 2015 03:05


1 Oct 2015 05:49

Wow Nice One

1 Oct 2015 09:54

We have been talking about mothers but we forget about the fathers are they not involve?

1 Oct 2015 17:00
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7 Oct 2015 01:17

thanks guys

7 Oct 2015 05:10

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7 Oct 2015 11:30

Thats great keep it up,

7 Oct 2015 13:36

Wow,,,, what a lovely article BrownDude, u really did it, kudos

7 Oct 2015 13:39

Quote by SUNDAY960
Poor English and lack of grammatic expression

@sunday960: that is not a good way 2 encourage a good write, u cannot overlook d fact that BrownDude did a very good job here.