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29 Sep 2015 15:40

5 friends live in 1 apartmemt... Their names are Mad, Brain, Somebody, Nobody and Fool. Somebody killed Nobody at the time Brain was in the bathroom. So Mad called the Police. Mad said - "Is that the Police station?" Police said - "Yes, what is the matter? " Mad said - " Somebody killed Nobody" Police said - "Are you Mad? " Mad said - "Yes I am Mad " Police said - " Do you have Brain?" Mad said - " Brain is in the bathroom" Police said - " You Fool" Mad said - " No sir, Fool is the one reading this message" Please share it on to another Fool, Please forgive me, I was a victim too and I can not be fool alone, am Sorry! #Happy sunday, lol, have fun.

1 Oct 2015 07:22

Nothing wrong if re the only fool on earth