Nigerian forum: Romance & Friendship - a sad love story
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28 Sep 2015 22:50

I met a girl on mobofree,she actualy was d one who came at me cos she liked my post in a forum,we got talkin and a relatnshp started online,I kept it secret to myself cos we had not met in person,she calls me everyday n spends hrs talkin to me daily,our luv grew so strong,I kept askin for us to meet at her office bt she always said she's busy,it went on like that fine n gud until d day she told her female frnd abt us,now d female frnd discouraged her frm luvin me,poisoned her mind n told her negative tins abt me,imagine?sumone who hasn't met me ooo condemin me for d girl,after dat day she told d frnd,d relatnshp took anoda turn as she stopd calin me and also pikin my calls,I got worried as I was deeply in luv wit her bkos of her caring nature,I told my mum who called her n spoke to her,she accepted and came back bt still avoided us meeting in person,I guess it was all wat her frnd put in her head,she also luvd me so much deres notin she does or wana do dat she wunt tell me,we got bak again as usual,and agreed to meet but on d day of d meetin I called and she sais I shuld leav her alone she doesn't wana hav anytin to do wit me! I lost all d blood in my body at dat moment and wondered what's hapnin,well d long n short is dat d friend succeded in makin her leave me and she broke up wit me,I loved her so she's gone and all I have is memories!! Now my friends look at this story well and tell me where the mistake came from and who is at fault! I need honest sincere comments please...thanks

30 Sep 2015 19:03

U are not at fault,to fall in love is no ones fault,4 u to love sum1 u've never met dat way shows dat wen u meet her u might love her more(dat is if she's actually d kind of girl u want), she don't love u cos if she does she won't let anyone come between u two.Wen it comes to true love pple don't mind wat others says about them. She don't deserve u,she's not d right person 4 u,wen ur bride comes no one needs to tell u dat dis is she,cos she will stay no matter anything.So b a man 4 d right one is on d way.

30 Sep 2015 19:09

Tanx amaka I wuld have cum to ajao dis evenin to see u but I can't cos I went to hospitalim kinda sick.. Call me. Tanx for ur comment