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20 Apr 2014 12:06

Old John was blind. So, bcuz he could not see D safely cross D road alone. He needed a helper. One day he waz waitinq for some1 to help him Nd had waited only a few moment when he heard a woman's voice say, "plz may I cross D road with you?" "Of cuz he replied. "Tnk you very much madam". Nd when Dey reached D other side, he began to tnk her again. Bout she stopped him, sayinq, "I must tnk you. It is always wonderful to meet some1 who is ready to help blind pple like me".

23 Apr 2014 19:33

lol pls more

24 Apr 2014 10:25

hahahahahahahaha 9ice one

3 May 2014 12:06


21 Sep 2015 12:08