Nigerian forum: Programming/webmasters - Importance of commneting on other blogs (Why you should comment on other blogs)
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27 Sep 2015 22:06

A blog cannot make itself. This blog post explains the importance of leaving comments on other blogs. Commenting on other blogs is very vital and should not be overlooked. Commenting on other blogs can be of a great advantage if properly used.

Also, there is a risk of comment deletion if you abuse the comment section by just typing ‘OK’ and leaving a link to your blog or blog posts. Comments made on other blogs should be a bit lengthy and relevant to the topic/blog post. Some do ask ‘Why should I leave a comment on other blogs?’ or ‘What’s the importance of leaving a comment on other blogs?’ Commenting on other blogs creates big chances for quality backlinks which may change the fate of your blog either.

Below are the importance of commenting on other blogs and why you should comment on other blogs.


Leaving a quality comment on other blogs offers a great opportunity of great traffic from the blog to yours. There are great chances that visitors to the blog will click on your link due to the quality comment thereby it is advisable that you create a clickable link in your comments.


This traffic generated from commenting on other blogs can generate increased income for you from adsense, affiliate marketing or direct product sales. Also the blog traffic generated by commenting on other blogs can help in establishing new blog visitors and increased page views. Quality commenting on other blogs can also attract sponsored posts and product reviews to your blog thereby influencing the increase in your income.


Leaving quality comments on other blogs will help in furnishing your writing skills and make them more efficient.


Leaving a comment on other blogs helps in exposing your identity and brand to the blog’s visitors. It makes easy, your blog/brand’s recognition. People may be hesitant towards clicking your link on the first time and other times but when your comments are more relevant and informative, they will be tempted to click on your link and visit your blog.

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29 Sep 2015 08:19

This is a good advise