Nigerian forum: Jobs and Career - How She Lost Her First Job: A True Life Story Re-told
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25 Sep 2015 14:11

This happened to a friend of mine sometime ago. I originally posted it on my blog. I would share it here:

A friend once shared her story of how she lost her good paying job while searching for a better one. I have heard about different job scams but this is completely on a different level. For privacy reasons, I’ll refer to her as Sade. Here’s her story:

Almost immediately after her NYSC, Sade got a job as Secretary to a popular TV host. The work environment was friendly and the pay was fairly ok. However, the need for a better pay kept her on the look out for a better job. Who wouldn’t want a better pay?

One day, she saw a vacancy advert in a newspaper for a Programme Officer. She had always wanted a switch from her Secretarial role to a more engaging job role and felt this could be the opportunity she had been waiting for. She applied for the job and was called for an interview after two weeks of her application. The interview was conducted in a well-furnished office somewhere in the the heart of Ikeja in Lagos. She was informed at the interview that it was a multi-national NGO with its headquarters in Switzerland exploring new grounds in Africa. Her excitement knew no bounds. She told everyone who cared to listen that she would be working in an NGO any time soon. A week after, she was called to pick up her letter of employment and was introduced to the Country Head, a middle-aged Nigerian lady with a foreign accent called Ms Alice.

The following day, she resigned her job with the TV host. She did not give the required notice as she was billed to start a two-week induction programme in the new organisation. The training/induction was scheduled to hold in another location in Ikeja. At the training programme, she met other inductees who were mostly from reputable Nigerian firms and had also resigned their jobs. They were all well-dressed- sharp suits, shiny shoes, straight ties- and were treated to a buffet. No one suspected anything. Sade only noticed that while the training was going on, the country Head, Ms Alice was more interested in the filming of the event. Sade wondered why there were so many camera-men covering a mere training session.

By the following week, Ms. Alice and her staff were nowhere to be found. The facilitators who were hired for the training complained that they had not been paid. The caterer had stopped bringing food to the venue as she complained that she was still being owed for the food she provided the previous week. The owners of the training hall locked out all the participants as they complained that they had not been paid a dime for the use of the hall. It then dawned on Sade and her new colleagues that they were in big trouble.

They quickly ran to the office where the interview was conducted. It was empty. They reported the matter to the police. They were informed that they had been on the trail of Ms. Alice for a long time and that she had been operating under different names. Ms. Alice set up the entire process to secure a grant from an international body. She needed to show them that she had a thriving NGO in Nigeria, hence the filming.

Sade was depressed. She was back to square one.

Lesson: Investigate the company you are about to join especially if it’s a new one. Don’t just resign from your current job. Apply for annual leave to test the waters in the new firm. If you’re comfortable there, you then can resign. You can give a month salary in lieu of notice if your contract requires notice.


21 Oct 2015 18:39

it's a very big lesson to me.and i pray other should learn frm it

8 Dec 2015 16:43