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25 Sep 2015 13:18

Can u let a friend discourage u from dating or loving sumone u just met online who u haven't seen yet in person but plan to meet?wat if that's your true love?can you let a friend or family discourage you?pls sincere answers...

29 Sep 2015 19:35

U can't tell me hw to live my life,i believe dat d only person incharge of my life is myself which means u can't discourage me from doing wat i have made up my mind to do.

29 Sep 2015 20:10

Tanx amaka I wish she was like u.dis is what happned to me here. And now they hav made her leave me.dats how we never got to see eva again and now she's gone! Well let's see who her frnds n family wuld approve,but I bet it will b sumone worse dan she tot

29 Sep 2015 21:13

I really don't know wat to say,but if she is Meant for u i bet she will come back to u.And please next time don't let sum1 decide anything 4 u,try dat which u have put ur mind to do n c wat comes out of it.Because d only person incharge of ur life is urself.