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24 Sep 2015 00:20

Who Rule The World? Is't Ladies Or Guys? And If Any Of Them Why Do You Said So?

24 Sep 2015 09:46
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24 Sep 2015 09:48

Quote by Don-number-1
ladies of curse

them make things happen without them. men life will be so boring...

24 Sep 2015 10:36

Money rules the world..... Money is life and life is money

NB: Money rules both male and female!!!

24 Sep 2015 10:40

My answer to this question is neither.During Yeheshua Christo's temptation,satan said to him and l quote ' all the kingdom of the world belongs to me'.And the HOLY BIBLE makes it clear in many places that satan rules the world and he controls and fix everything according to his desire.many evil things that go on in society today are handiwork of the true ruler,satan. Hence when a scammer,419,robber,killer etc are caught,the first words from them is' IT IS THE DEVIL'S WORK'.Because he rules and controls the world.

24 Sep 2015 11:45

girls nah...have u see a social network were is ment for only boy...that because we girls are very special........*with out girls men can't live long*

24 Sep 2015 12:00
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24 Sep 2015 12:44


24 Sep 2015 12:47

satan rule the world

24 Sep 2015 14:07

Is a man world. For now, but soon the rightful owner is coming to set thing right.

24 Sep 2015 16:04

Guy u bland? U no no say na woman dey rule d world,

24 Sep 2015 16:16

its we ladies

24 Sep 2015 18:24
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24 Sep 2015 18:27
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24 Sep 2015 22:03

My Love Dat Gal's Ass

24 Sep 2015 22:50

God rules d whole world without him u an i ill not be alive today

24 Sep 2015 23:02


24 Sep 2015 23:17

But God rule the world only God.

24 Sep 2015 23:25

It's only God

25 Sep 2015 00:37

God z d ruler of d world bcos he takes d tym he want it.only if u repent from ur sin.