Nigerian forum: Literature - what are you reading now?
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23 Sep 2015 23:25

My name is Dayo. I love to read and talk about books. I'm particularly interested in fiction, thrillers, adventure and biographies. I'm currently reading "Gandhi: Radical Wisdom for a changing world". It's the story of Gandhi told by Alan Jacob. It contains some of Gandhi's writings, speeches, letters and how he lived his life. There were two things I discovered about him which I never knew. He was a vegetarian and an extremely shy person. You will discover examples of Gandhi’s timeless spiritual and political wisdom. It's one book you will like to keep.

What are you reading now?

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24 Sep 2015 13:38

princess cinderella

24 Sep 2015 13:44

The best book on earth. The bible.

24 Sep 2015 16:23

the tempest

24 Sep 2015 16:54


24 Sep 2015 18:28

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24 Sep 2015 20:04

The Power Of The Woman Bottom

24 Sep 2015 20:08

I am still reading Gandhi. I have some great titles you may be interested in. I actually run an online bookstore- Please check it out.

24 Sep 2015 20:10


24 Sep 2015 21:07

The Quran

24 Sep 2015 22:24

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24 Sep 2015 23:30

d rules of lv

25 Sep 2015 11:33

You can also read "The rules of work". I have read that. Very insightful book. Here is the link-

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25 Sep 2015 12:23

kk @ bookstomydoor

25 Sep 2015 13:11


25 Sep 2015 13:20

Who has read Chimamanda's "Americanah"? What's your take on the book?