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22 Sep 2015 22:00

A guy got so high and was searching for his
missing phone with the torchlight from the
same phone he was looking for. Since he
was so worried with the search and almost
in tears, his close friend who was also high
joined him in this serious search. After
2hours of searching, his phone rang, he
picked the call and quickly told the caller:
"I'll call you back, am trying to look for my
phone" and he angrily cut the call and
continued to search for the phone he just
answered a call from.
He decided to use the same phone to try
calling his line and when he got a busy
signal, he turned to his friend and said:
" Guy forget, that phone don go, the person
wey thief am dey cut as I call am just now".

23 Sep 2015 12:42


23 Sep 2015 13:54

lolzzz the guy na fool

23 Sep 2015 16:10

it seen dy both kush sum weed

23 Sep 2015 16:22

It Seems Both Have Undergo Certain Reaction

23 Sep 2015 16:50


23 Sep 2015 16:59

Na highest

23 Sep 2015 17:08


23 Sep 2015 17:41

No fool way reach dat gay!He s d biggest fool ever.

23 Sep 2015 18:55


23 Sep 2015 21:21

lol dat guy na real mumu

23 Sep 2015 21:34


23 Sep 2015 22:05

Lolzzz z best fool ever

23 Sep 2015 22:56

Mehn.......... Rotfl

23 Sep 2015 22:58

Give him a Bottle of ,he should get Higher!!

23 Sep 2015 23:54


23 Sep 2015 23:57

very funny

24 Sep 2015 03:26

bot their 2mumu

24 Sep 2015 04:53

Quote by Ngarih
Give him a Bottle of ,he should get Higher!! :lol

Do you want to kill Him after how many Bottles of

24 Sep 2015 18:29

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