Nigerian forum: Religion - IF IT WERE TO BE YOU,WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
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22 Sep 2015 17:29

Last sunday,the 20th sept,l was coming to town in the company of my driver and three armed sodiers when my driver over took a lorry on the express way.the rain was drizzling and our vehicle splash water on a pedestrian.And,l ask my driver to stop.We stopped some metres away bcus we were in a high speed and we reversed to the man who was drenched.As l came down,l pleaded to him and gave him N3000.He was over joyed and he knelt down and held my trouser in appreciation praying endlesly.we finally left and went to enter the vehicle,and he was running away along the express.And my driver said jokingly that the man wil eat a nice meal tonight.As l was about to enter the car,l could not see one of phones.l was wearing a combat camourflage trouser wit 3 big pockets in each leg.And l was having 2 android phones, one ltel and the other tekno.we looked in the car but it was not there,we reversed the prado and we gave the man a chase.He seems to know that we were chasing him and he increased his race and we met him but he ran into the forest and we shouted to him to stop or we wil shoot him but did not stop but we later caught him with the itel android tuck between his belt and his trouser.Some said we should shoot him to death,others that we should broke his legs others that we should beat him to coma. What would you do if it were to be you?

23 Sep 2015 09:40

I wil let him go in peace or set him free

23 Sep 2015 11:08
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23 Sep 2015 11:48

I will collect my money and my materials from him and I will tell him that if you continue in this dirt business you will go to hell because all sinners shall have their rooms in hell

23 Sep 2015 12:22
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23 Sep 2015 16:13

na tu collect erytin i give am bck na.

23 Sep 2015 16:18

U av already started d gud,so complete it

23 Sep 2015 16:36

forgive him!!!....we do ask God to frogive our sin as we foregive those who treaspass against us.

23 Sep 2015 18:30

I will let him go with d fones since its d only problem he has...but I wil wipe all my details frm d fone...

23 Sep 2015 22:02

Collect my phone n let him go with some truthful advice

23 Sep 2015 22:37

i will collect my phone nd let him go

23 Sep 2015 22:44

No one knowS whatever he's been through and yet didn't stop d dirty job... I'll collect my phone nd just let d idiot go with 1 working eardrum

23 Sep 2015 23:00
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23 Sep 2015 23:58

let him go 6 u hav collected ur phone

24 Sep 2015 00:04

Well,l thank all of you for the advice.some years back l was at Nguru town. Then Nguru was under Borno state but now Yobe state.A house wife caught a young man of about 27yrs stealing a cock.And she raised an alarm and the man was given a hot chase.As they nearly to hold him,he brought out a pistol and he fired a shot on the air to scare people.Trust the hausas who are not afraid of death,they caught him.Surprisely when the police came, they identified him as a kingpin of the underworld who has taken part in several deadly operations and has been wanted by the police.He just sneaked to use the fowl for a quick meal.NEVER TRUST ANY ONE.That express is a behive of criminals.And so l asked him to tell me the truth about himself but he refused and l ordered him to be tied to a stake and l told a soldier to position as if to execute him.He was still unrepentant and the soldier fired two shots to scare him.You would not believe my people,he shouted that he would talk and he said that he is an agent.That his job is to patrol the express and if any vehicle break down and the passengers are helpless,he would call a gang to come and rob them or if the driver goes for either fuel,mechanic or vulcanizer,he would loose the tyres and steal other valuables in the car.well,my people,the rest is security matter.l handed him over to the appropriete authority for further investigation.

24 Sep 2015 00:17

i will take bck my phone nd let him go bcux he did not appreciate ur good.

24 Sep 2015 01:18

l will give him more money and advice him not to repeat such act. His atittude shows dat his very poor and need help.

24 Sep 2015 18:31

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24 Sep 2015 23:20

i wil jst conet my phone nd go killin is a sin be4 God

24 Sep 2015 23:36

Quote by Surebabe123
i will collect my phone nd let him go