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20 Apr 2014 04:47

Hello Everyone, I'm snowboyy and I'm a medical student. please this thread is meant for poetry alone and there are no limits to what poetry you can post.
just make it clean, legal and simple
Don't break ┬ęcopyright rule. Your pensiveness can heal someone of their deepest agony/pain.
Another beautiful thing about poetry is that it doesn't have to rhyme.

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20 Apr 2014 04:50

Title: Every single trail of blue is pressing

Every single trail of blue is pressing,
The salt water stream keeps flowing,
Tho it is a solution I never prepared,
The questions that I never asked,
But the ruse i played then,
It hunts me now,
So now I like my thought deepen,
Its the only way I pay my deptee.
Should I find first and give reasons why I didn't ask?
Oh not again-did I just blow it
Or Am I seeing things?
Am i missing the sweet taste of the juice,
The breeze tries to blow my stress,
But sometimes I get lost,
Should I just ignore the feeling and crown the horse,
Or Do I need to exact much pressure on this wound,
And let it's soreness entrap with the guilt I feel within,
Against my wish for peace,
Or Must I for once throw in the towel,
I checked again
There is no pain anywhere, There is neither shame for my rocking chair,
I buy tears for a token and give out the least of my worries,
I get over the future in my fantasy,
Not a smile, not a frown,
Just a wrinkle on the forehead,explains,
how hard it is for me to go through this moment without brokeness,
Rigid but weak,
Brazen but failing,
They keep reminding me,that,
Every single trail of blue is pressing.

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10 Sep 2014 21:50


Don't live a life of false and fault,be real and realistic to happenings.