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21 Sep 2015 15:09

Is it right to involve or tell ur friends abt a relationship ure about to start wit sumone u already have feelings for before meeting d person?is it rite to invole ur frnd or family in a very early relatnshp?2me its not rite wat do u guys tink?

21 Sep 2015 16:05

Right n unright e dpends...I prefer telin my padi cus of som coded runs.

21 Sep 2015 17:33

Its unfair to procast wot as nt been acheived not untill u av totaly n extremely succeeded in it "Trust nobody even ur shadow leaves you in the dark!".

21 Sep 2015 20:09

u have really given me the answer to my question....thank u somuch for this post.

21 Sep 2015 20:12

Hello my princess your majesty how are you doing i will lyk to know you better

21 Sep 2015 20:27

Is no rite at all, wht if d relationship did not work out ,wht ill u tel ur parent ;it wil be better if u get to no d person very well before taking him or her to ur parent tank u all.

21 Sep 2015 20:30

It rite 2tel ur family but depend on friend's issue

21 Sep 2015 20:36

Thanks guys itt hapnd to me d girl involved her frnd in d mata and dats how it all got ruined from dat very day we neva saw each oda!! So guys neva eva involve anyone in a relatnshp u are abt to start cos dey will ruin it bfor it starts...not everyone u feel is ur frnd wants ur hapiness!!

21 Sep 2015 21:21

Thanks a lot...I learnt big lesson frm dis even when I know am tryin to work on my self So that dis won't repeat itself again

21 Sep 2015 21:39

It depends on personalities but to be on the safer side I advice u 2 go by ur issues personally cos sometimes some friends r clowns always wanting 4 themselves what u crave 4. I'm writing from experience

21 Sep 2015 21:52
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21 Sep 2015 21:55

if u involve ur frends nd famiiy members u r risking urself becos if u av a little misunderstanding wid de gal she would definitely report u 2 her frens or family members out of experience

21 Sep 2015 22:02

Any relationship based on God should be made open to good people around you but any relationship based on sex is not good you tell anyone.

22 Sep 2015 00:49
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22 Sep 2015 00:59

Yea, if the person is ur close friend and u respect the person's opinion itz cool

22 Sep 2015 04:41

iz gud 2 tel u parent dependin on d type of paret u hve if it is my own as far as he nt comin 4 marrage bt 4 date no way

22 Sep 2015 05:13

It is never advise to shear ur relationship or marriage wit 3rd party,dats the starts of an ending relationship or a broken marriage.

22 Sep 2015 10:17

my advice is for u to mk sure dat u r sucessed bfr tellin ur relativ