Nigerian forum: Other - wise saying
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21 Sep 2015 02:06

dont jugde a book by its cover...isnt da cover what attracts u in buying a book.

21 Sep 2015 10:47

life is business nd d mre u live d mre u manage d risks in it

21 Sep 2015 14:17

If you get there before me congratulations, life is an express way and overtaking is allowed

21 Sep 2015 16:19

Leap before you loop

21 Sep 2015 20:17

Speak but little,and that little only when thy own purposes require it.Heaven has given thee two ears but only one tongue,which means:listen to two things,but be not the first to propose one

21 Sep 2015 22:47

what goes around comes around somedays ahead

21 Sep 2015 22:49

life is never a bed of rose, so work hard guys bec no food for a lazy man...

21 Sep 2015 22:55

the life is vanity upon vanity

22 Sep 2015 01:17

Ur did 2day i'l b ur story 2moro,means... do gud 2day 2 av a sound,better & a fulfill 2maro...